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    Flavia Lima and Grace St. John Carver were elected secretary and member at large, respectively, during this year’s ATI elections. 

    Arizona Translators and Interpreters must recognized the outstanding contributions of our outgoing members, secretary Rosemary Dann,  and member at large, Ricardo Talavera. Thank you for all your support and committment to our organization and its members during the past two years.

    Both Flavia and Grace have served on the ATI Board and we are delighted to announce their return. We look forward to working with you again!

    The Board wants to acknowledge Marie B. de Amicis, for her willingness to serve as member at large.

  2. NCI’s Online Webinar for Medical Interpreters

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    The National Center for Interpretation, a leader in the field of interpreter training and testing, is pleased to announce our Online Seminars for Medical Interpreters, or OSMI. OSMI is for both new and experienced medical interpreters. The series is based on NCI’s Medical Interpreter Training Institute (MITI), offered each summer since 2003, and the expertise of our three highly qualified instructors.

    NCI’s Online Seminars for Medical Interpreters

    Topics include:

    • Interpreter ethics and protocol
    • Cultural issues in medical interpreting
    • Interpreting modes and techniques
    • Skill development
    • Major diseases and medical topics

    o   Patient medical history

    o   Cardiovascular disease

    o   Diabetes

    o   Depression


    Dates:    January 30 – April 30, 2016

    Times:   Saturdays 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. (PST); some Thursdays 3—6 p.m.


    Cost:      $920 for all 13 webinars (total of 41-hours training)

    $423 for all 6 language neutral webinars

    $70 to $120 each for individual webinars (a la carte)


    Instructors:     Gloria Rivera, M.D., CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish

    Irene Radillo, FCCI, CHI-Spanish

    Carmen King de Ramirez, Ph.D., CHI-Spanish


    Read more and register:




  3. NAJIT’s Second Call for Papers 2016 Conference in San Antonio, May 13-16 2016

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    Second Call for Papers for NAJIT’s 2016 Conference in San Antonio, TX at the Marriott Riverwalk May 13th – May 16th! NAJIT’s annual conference is the premier conference for judiciary interpreters and translators, and you can make it even better!! Share your knowledge and experience, bring emerging issues to light, question current paradigms!! Follow this link to the Presentation Proposal form.

  4. De-Stigmatizing Hawaii’s Creole Language

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    De-Stigmatizing Hawaii’s Creole Language

    “According to linguists, the many people in Hawaii who speak both Pidgin and conventional English—whether it be 1,600 people or 700,000—are actually bilingual. ‘If you don’t treat it as a language, then you get all kinds of problems that come with the stigma,’ Kent Sakoda, a professor of second language studies at the University of Hawaii who’s written a book on Pidgin grammar, has explained.”

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  5. NAJIT’s Position Letter to EOIR

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    NAJIT has raised concerns about the new immigration contract in a letter to EOIR. Read the entire letter on the NAJIT website by following the link below.