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  1. Translators Win Big Across Europe

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    The European Commission announces the winners of its annual student translation competition, which saw over 3,200 entries from across the continent. The Swiss city of Zug awards its annual translation prize worth USD 50,000, while Austria honors two literary translators to the tune of EUR 10,000.

    Translators Win Big Across Europe

  2. Kim Shouler Joins Conversis—the Week in Language Industry Hires

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    Conversis has a new Account Director, Summa Linguae takes on a Consultant of Business Strategy for Growth and M&A, Xplanation appoints a Regional Manager for the UK and Ireland, and SwissGlobal names its Head of Quality Management.

  3. Call for Papers – Medical Translation International Conference, 18th May 2017 at the University of Gdańsk, Poland.

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    Current Challenges of Medical Translation International Conference to take place on 18th May 2017 at the University of Gdańsk, Poland.

    The first major conference theme involves practical aspects of medicaltranslation: medical translation quality assurance, project management, complying with type/genre-specific conventions. The second one is medical terminology, its management and standardization: the use of standardized lexicons, databases and other tools.
    We invite papers on the following subjects:
    translation of specific medical genres,
    • medical terminology,
    • quality assurance in medical translation,
    • medical translation project management,
    • terminology management in medical translation projects,
    • medical localization,
    • teaching and learning medical translation.

    The conference is directed to academics, industry professionals, PhD candidates and students of Translation Studies. We invite proposals (of up to 300 words) for papers to be sent by 10 March 2017 to the following e-mail address:

  4. Translation and human rights in troubled times

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    Translation and human rights in troubled times

    “The University of Connecticut has recently launched a program in Literary Translation, and held an event on Tuesday evening in Konover Auditorium, part of the Dodd Center. The event featured three award-winning translators: Carles Torner, Edith Grossman and Esther Allen. Each discussed the importance of translation and language and its relation to human rights.”

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  5. China: A Modern Babel

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    China: A Modern Babel

    “‘I speak Chinese’ remains a claim with little meaning since linguists have identified seven mutually incomprehensible Chinese language groups. The idea of a national Chinese language began with the realization by the accidentally successful revolutionaries of 1911 that retaining control over a country speaking multiple languages and myriad dialects would necessitate reform. Long-term unification and the introduction of mass education would require a common language.”

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  6. Court Interpreters Ensure Language Isn’t Bar to Justice

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    Court Interpreters Ensure Language Isn’t Bar to Justice

    “When Richard Palacio is told he’s done ‘a good job,’ he knows that he’s ‘bridged a gap’ and helped someone in what could be a key milestone event in their life. As one of three language interpreters assigned to the Atlantic/Cape May Vicinage, Palacio helps provide ‘fair access to the court system’ under New Jersey’s Language Access Plan to anyone needing Spanish-English interpretation skills.”

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