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  1. ATI Newsletter – Spring 2018

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    Arizona Translators & Interpreters

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    Newsletter – Spring 2018

    “Mastery of language affords one remarkable opportunities.”

    — Alexandre Dumas


    May 24 American Translators Association (ATA) Continuing Education Webinar

    “Agencies vs. Freelancers? A Market Analysis”

    June 8 National Assn of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators (NAJIT) NAJIT 39th Annual


    June 16 ATI Phoenix AND Tucson Meetup – Theme: “How I Got Started in the Business”

    12:30-2:00 pm Phoenix Location: TBA (Email Trevor if you have suggestions)

    Tucson Location: TBA (Email Aldina if you have suggestions)

    TBA Arizona Translators & Interpreters (ATI) Summer Workshop (details coming soon!)

    September 29 Arizona Translators & Interpreters (ATI) Annual Conference

    Maricopa Integrated Health System, 2601 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

    September 30 International Translation Day


    Welcome to the first issue of the new Arizona Translators &

    Interpreters newsletter!

    At its strategic planning meeting in February, the ATI Board decided to launch a quarterly

    newsletter for all members. The goal of the newsletter is to keep you connected with the ATI’s

    activities. It will also let you know how you can get more involved. Contact Jennifer Baldwin

    ( to suggest what you would like to see in the newsletter.

    Aside from administrative business and routine planning for our seasonal workshops and annual

    conference, the strategic planning meeting focused on how we can provide a greater benefit

    to ATI members, how we might attract new members, and how we can raise the profile of ATI

    as the authoritative professional organization for language service providers in Arizona.


    Revamped meetups for networking, enjoying great food, and

    now… taking part in themed discussions about our profession!

    Arizona Translators & Interpreters, Inc. Spring 2018

    Our informal restaurant

    “meetups” have proven to

    be popular among ATI

    members. They give us a

    chance not only to grow

    and deepen our

    professional network, but

    also to simply enjoy

    socializing with friends and

    colleagues in our profession

    in a casual setting.

    This year, we are building on

    this successful formula by

    introducing themed

    meetups. Each meetup’s

    theme indicates the topic of

    a brief informal presentation

    or optional suggested topic

    of discussion that will be

    incorporated into the event.

    No preparation is required

    on your part, and any

    themed discussion or activity

    is entirely optional. The focus

    of the meetups will continue

    to be socializing and

    networking, but we hope

    the themes will make an

    already enjoyable event

    even more worthwhile.

    Come check out our

    revamped meetups! We’d

    love your suggestions for

    meetup themes, as well as

    your general feedback and

    suggestions. Tell us in person

    at a meetup, or email Trevor

    Cook (

    or Aldina Hanessian

    ( with

    your ideas anytime.


    Join a committee to make a difference in your T&I association

    The Board encourages all ATI members to

    participate in committees.

    When you join a committee, you will have an

    opportunity to directly influence ATI

    operations. Join one of the following

    committees to magnify your voice and to

    demonstrate to your clients and colleagues

    your commitment to our profession.

    Membership Committee – Responsible for

    attracting new members and increasing

    member engagement. This committee

    organizes activities for networking and

    professional development. To join, contact

    Trevor Cook (

    Conference Committee – ATI’s annual

    conference is a major regional event that brings

    together hundreds of language professionals for

    continuing education, networking, and

    professional development. Step up from the

    sidelines and show your commitment to your

    field by assisting in the planning and execution

    of this key event. To join, contact Francesca

    Samuel (

    When was the last time you updated your ATI directory profile?

    The ATI directory (a benefit of your ATI membership) is a valuable resource for

    inbound marketing. Log in today and update your info!