2019 Elections

Why Run for Office on the Board of Directors?

One of the privileges of ATI membership is eligibility to run for office in the ATI board of directors. Serving on the board is a great way not only to get more involved in ATI but also to really stand out in your language services profession.

Interpreters and translators often work in solitude. Working with the board to plan events, serve members, and advocate for the profession demonstrates to colleagues, employers, and potential collaborators that you can work with others and manage your time so as to serve your professional colleagues–it really looks good.

It is also extremely rewarding. You will develop valuable friendships with fellow board members and ATI members, and professional doors will open for you in sometimes surprising ways as your professional network expands.

Available Offices

This September, we will hold elections for the following positions:

How to Run

Send a letter of intent to info@atiinc.org. Your letter should include the following content:

Elections will be held at and around our annual conference on 28 September.

Good luck!