CCHI EtoE Research Study as a volunteer in January 23 – March 14, 2020.

Posted On Dec 30, 2019

CCHI is seeking 300 Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin interpreters, who are eligible for the CHI™ certification, to participate in the EtoE Research Study as a volunteer in January 23 – March 14, 2020.
The EtoE Project has been under way for over a year now. Many of you have contributed to it last year during our Indiegogo campaign. Now we are ready for the critical step – administering the ETOE™ Interpreting Skills exam developed by over 40 volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs), your colleagues.

Your participation will help advance the profession by providing critical data that will allow CCHI to determine if it is possible to test fundamental interpreting skills in an English-only format. As our appreciation for participating in the EtoE Research Study, volunteers will get $100 off the CHI™ exam and, if needed and qualified, will be allowed to take the CHI™ exam before the CoreCHI™ one.
If you are interested in volunteering for the EtoE Research Study, you MUST email your intent to BEFORE you schedule your CHI™ exam. We will reply to your email with detailed instructions on what to do next. Be sure to send your email as soon as possible! The opportunity to participate will close as soon as we have reached 300 volunteers.

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