ATI April Meetup in Tucson

Posted On Apr 27, 2018


Indian Twist
4660 E Camp Lowell Dr · Tucson, az

Time for another Tucson meetup! Time to reunite once again with colleagues and friends from Tucson and beyond. Come ready to eat as well, as there is a lunch buffet for $10.95. There will also be time to talk about the ATI and its growing number of committees. Will be briefly discussing them as well as asking for any volunteers willing to help out in any of the committees or suggesting ways in which you are able to contribute with your time and talents to ATI.

Remember, that our informal “meetups’ give us a chance not only to grow and deepen our professional networks but also just to enjoy socializing with friends and colleagues in our field in a casual setting.

This year we are building on the successful formula by introducing themed meetups. Each meetup’s theme indicates the topic of a brief informal presentation or optional suggested topic of discussion that will be incorporated into the event. No preparation is required on your part, and any themed discussion or activity is entirely optional. The focus of the meetups will continue to be socializing and networking, but we hope the themes will make an already enjoyable event even more worthwhile.

Come check out our revamped meetups! We’d love to your suggestions for meetup themes and get your general feedback and suggestions. Tell us in person at a meetup, or email Trevor ( or Aldina ( anytime.