A letter from ATI’s new president!

Posted On Jan 16, 2017

Ken Headshot 2012 (Compressed)

Dear ATI Members,

Hello everyone.  It’s hard to believe that another year has passed by and with it many changes. If 2016 can be seen as a trend, there is no doubt that 2017 will bring us many more as the entire country faces a change in governance and leadership. Here in our state, one that is rich in language and cultural diversity, perhaps now more than ever, it is important we all recognize that change is the only constant. What we do, how we do it and why are important. It is our purpose and perhaps our destiny to leave a positive and indelible mark on those we help.

I am honored and excited to serve you, the membership and the Board as well as the Arizona community at large, as President of Arizona Translator & Interpreters, Inc. I wanted to start out by mentioning our mission, but to do that perhaps, we need to take a concrete look at what our mission is and ensure it is well defined so that that we can measure all our activities, allocate our resources and assign our priorities efficiently against that yardstick.

As a volunteer, non-profit organization, ATI will seek and implement new ways to strengthen existing programs while introducing some new meaningful initiatives. Considering the accomplishments of the outgoing President and officers, we have some big shoes to fill but will have ample opportunity to succeed and I’m certain we will!

I know each of you understands the need for ATI to continue to deepen its footprint within the state of Arizona and the nation. As members of this organization, we embrace our motto; “We Teach, We Share, We Learn”. Simple words yes, but they have meaning to those of us dedicated to the pursuit of accurate communication at all levels. Our members represent a varied demographic supporting their communities both large and small. From rural to suburban to densely urban you provide support in all areas including; government, education, healthcare and the private sector. The amazing work you do and support you all provide is awe inspiring! Diversity, culture and language are our strengths as we work towards achieving our mission of advancing and supporting interpreting and translation within Arizona and beyond.

Although I have ideas of what I would like to see happen this year, I look to you, our members, our teachers, our mentors, to suggest and help shape the initiatives of where and how we can improve the value provided by ATI. Some things to think about for the coming year:

– Increase the amount of information available to our membership through increased focus on; industry changes and trends, the impact of new technologies, government and regulatory trends in healthcare and other programs, and international opportunities.

– Further engage the private sector and startup communities to see how we can work together towards common goals to improve the lives of everyone through better communication and conversation.

– Increase ATI’s presence with other user groups and strengthen our ties with other similar organizations and;

– Expand education and training opportunities for interpreters and translators to strengthen and specialize their skills.

So, drop me a line! Tell me what you think. You can always contact me by email; president@atiinc.org

As a former CEO, Director and COO for three organizations within our field I’ve worked with some of the largest customers and I recognize that what you do is unique and valuable. ATI is your voice and we are committed to the premise that language services must be supported.  Professional and qualified interpreters and translators are the tool and the solution to resolve miscommunication.

2016 has just entered the history books. Looking back at the accomplishments, I can say “What a year that was!” But looking ahead to 2017, I truly believe; you haven’t seen anything yet!

Thank you again for the honor of serving this great institution and I look forward to working together.


Ken Anders – President

Arizona Translators and Interpreters Inc.