Tom Walker

ATI Interim Secretary

About 4 years ago, I wound up a career as a Professional Geologist, working for civil engineering consulting firms primarily in the areas of geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, hydrology and hydraulics, mining, and environmental engineering. During those years I was working on my Spanish-language skills through participation in projects in Mexico, Peru and Chile. In March of 2015, I completed the Certificate Program in Spanish-English Translation from the University of California San Diego Extension.

Since then I have been working as a freelance translator. My intention is to build a niche practice in the translation of technical documents, primarily in the specialized areas in which I formerly worked as a geologist. I am a member of ATA, and am currently awaiting the results of the certification exam in Spanish-English translation that I took in San Francisco at the ATA Conference earlier this month. I live in midtown Phoenix with my wife and a bunch of cats.

I believe that through my participation in the ATI leadership, I will be able to be a representative voice for the translators in our community, who have been historically underrepresented on the Board.

I think that the new website, which has just been rolled out, can be an important component of a wider effort to reach out to the T&I community outside of our current membership. The field is growing, and ATI should continue to grow along with it. In order to do that, we need to continue to work to pull in new members, and to think about what we can do to make ATI indispensable for language professionals in Arizona.

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